Gov. Perry, in second blog post, blasts DHS chief Napolitano

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is blogging at “Perryponderings” sponsored by the Northern Border Governors Convention, has blasted Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano over her handling of the Las Vegas attacks.

On the blog, Perry writes ” In the midst of this gripping crisis, Secretary Napolitano severely undermined national security efforts by focusing on “Skapes-gate.”  How many DHS officials were diverted away from crucial security investigations to conduct a pointless PR campaign to defend its marginalized officials?  What revelations were missed by Napolitano and team in their desperate efforts to protect their flock? President Obama and his liberal cronies are more interested in protecting their own members and budgets, and have lost sight of greater security needs.  Americans throughout the country need to tell the Obama administration it needs to make like a tree, and get the heck out of here. We got a saying down here in Texas: some do the olympics, and some defy the Titans.  Its time to defy the Titans America!”


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