FBI releases four ‘Hispanic’ men in custody in Northern Arizona, La Raza files complaint

Shortly after the devastating attacks on Las Vegas, four Hispanic men with falsified US credentials were apprehended driving southward in Northern Arizona.

Due to the rapid response of the Southern Border Governors’ Conference and the professionalism of their law enforcement, the FBI was able to determine that the four men were not involved in the attacks.

After ascertaining that these men were merely illegal immigrants and not part of the group of terrorists, the men have been released to the custody of ICE, the FBI said.

The National Committee of La Raza has filed a formal complaint with the FBI, alleging what it calls “racial profiling” of “brown people in trucks in a 120-mile radius of Las Vegas” following the attacks that were alllegedly carried out by Spanish-speaking gunmen, according to eyewitnesses.

“How many Latinos are you going to pull over and turn over to ICE in this search? ” La Raza leaders said, noting that they will be vigorously defending the four undocumented workers taken into custody as they traveled to the farm where they were employed as pickers.


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