FBI fingers Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas in Las Vegas Bellagio attack

The FBI believes that the drug cartel Los Zetas attacked Las Vegas and Acapulco simultaneously, said FBI Director Robert Mueller early Saturday morning.

The Los Zetas, Mueller said, misrepresented the attack as being the work of the rival cartel Sinaloa. With the blame placed on the Sinaloa, the Zetas expected the Mexican Army to strike hard at Sinaloa bases of power, possibly with assistance from U.S. armed forces, thus removing obstacles for the Zetas in filling the power vacuum left behind after the destruction of the Sinaloa, Mueller said.

Earlier, in a joint statement from the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security those agencies said:  “Current intelligence in the ongoing investigation of the Bellagio attacks suggest the involvement of a major Mexican drug cartel.” The two agencies said they planned to release more information later.


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