Department of Homeland Security’s ‘mole’ identified

Department of Homeland Security agent Mike Skapes

Department of Homeland Security agent Mike Skapes was identified as the “mole” that had previously been reported by Mexico Police. Their identification of Skapes came following a drug bust of the Sinaloa Cartel on Friday.

The Secretariat of Public Security released the following statement earlier Friday evening:

On behalf of the Secretariat of Public Security, further investigation following the Sinaloa Cartel drug bust has confirmed that a member of the Department of Homeland Security, identified as Mike Skapes, has been connected to money laundering on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel to Lebanon through West Africa. We initially pursued the investigation following the Acapulco interrogations.

Skapes identity was originally held from INN. Upon confirmation of his identity via the video posted below, INN spoke to the Department of Homeland Security regarding Skapes role with the Sinaload Cartel. A request for a personal interview was denied by spokesman Matthew Chambers.

Skapes denied having any role or “hard” evidence that supported his role in laundering money on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel to Lebanon. “The denial is my track record working with the DHS for the past years, and the unsubstantiated claims by the Mexican Police. There is no hard evidence linking me in any way to these allegations.”

“And if I’m right my innocence will be proven guilty, not the opposite way around,” Skapes said. Chambers interjected by saying, “I believe this is America.”

Cooperation on behalf of the DHS with the Mexican Police was something that Skapes said was not something being easily carried out on behalf of the Secretariat of Public Security. The DHS said that they were not at liberty to say what was stated by the Mexican Police due to attempting to work on relations.

In response to the comment by the DHS, the Secretariat of Public Security said, “Here at the Secretariat of Public (Security), it is our number one aim to to cooperate with all U.S. and Mexican representatives because our goal is all the same. It is to handle the situation here in Mexico, especially with the cartels, and to for the south border, our U.S. brothers and (the) Mexican people,” said Secretariat of Public Security representative Abraham Delshad “So that’s not true.”


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