Boat containing explosives near San Diego was a fabricated attack

An officer aboard the US Coast Guard cutter revealed that the speed boat containing explosives near the San Diego Harbor was a fabricated attack planned jointly by the DEA and the Coast Guard.

According to the officer, who would not reveal his name, the plan was designed so that their performance values would be viewed positively, and so their budgets wouldn’t be cut.

Aboard the explosive laden boat were three convicted felons who worked out a deal with the Coast Guard to drive the boat towards the San Diego Harbor in exchange for the protection of their families, said the officer.

The passengers were not related to any terrorist groups or cartels, nor was incident related to the events that took place in Las Vegas and in Acapulco.

The officer stated that the explosive laden boat had been contained by the task force and held off the record.

The Department of Defense said it will not address the matter now.  The press release stated that they are “not willing to comment on spurious allegations.  At this time all government agencies are focused solely on the protection of American citizens and the capture of those responsible for the recent attacks.”


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