Authorities silent on Bellagio attack victims

Families of persons unaccounted for in Las Vegas are growing increasingly vocal in asking when the government is going to release the names of those killed and injured in the attacks on the Bellagio.

“It’s been 20 hours, and we can’t get any answers.  My husband’s cell phone goes directly to voicemail.  No one will tell us where the bodies have been taken or which hospitals are treating the wounded.  What am I supposed to tell my kids?” said Susan Miller.  Miller’s husband, Jim, has been in Las Vegas since Wednesday attending the Wedding and Portrait Photographers trade show.

Miller is among a growing group converging on Las Vegas asking authorities for information on the dead and injured.  The only named death is that of actor Brad Pitt, killed by shrapnel in the Bellagio attack.

“My heart goes out to Angelina Jolie and their kids, but my kids are worried about their mother, too,” said Steve Huang.  Huang’s wife, Amy, was in Las Vegas with a group of female friends, celebrating one friend’s 40th birthday.  “I can’t believe no one will tell us anything about who’s been killed and who’s been injured.”

Despite repeated inquiries from news organizations, city, state and federal authorities remain mum on the identities of any victims other than Pitt.


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