Two gunman identified, four others detained

Two of the gunmen killed at the Bellagio have been identified as American citizens, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

They were identified as Ruiz Espanoza Castro from El Paso, Texas, convicted felon and known affiliate of the Sinaloa operations, and Raul Pena from Houston, Texas, believed to be the cousin of a Sinaloa leader.

Four other suspects have been detained heading east on I-40 just outside of Kingman, Ariz.

Reports indicate all four suspects were in possession of counterfeit American credentials. One suspect is reported to have an apparent gunshot wound to his leg and is being taken to a local hospital for treatment, according to the Northern Border Governer’s Conference.

The Department of Homeland Security suggests that the attacks on the Bellagio may be a Sinaloa operation, but is not ready to confirm.

Three others killed at the Bellagio did not register in a U.S. database and are believed to be Mexican nationals.


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