Teams Preparing for 2012 Patterson School Simulation

Teams of students and faculty at the University of Kentucky are preparing for the annual 24-hour international crisis simulation held by the Patterson School of Diploacy and International Commerce.

This year’s simulation begins at about 2 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 24 and runs until  about noon on Saturday, Feb. 25.

This site will serve as one of the news sites staffed by student journalists in the UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications, who will play the role of the international press  corps as graduate students in the Patterson School play a variety of U.S. and international government and NGO entities in a crisis simulation.

Students from JOU 499 Advanced Writing: Multimedia Convergence, JOU 330 Web Design and Publishing, and JOU 304 Broadcast Decision Making will report, photograph, edit and post the news as it develops. Journalism faculty members Prof. Kakie Urch and Prof. Scoobie Ryan will lead the press team, based in Room 10 of the Grehan Building.  Patterson School Prof. Robert Farley will lead the diplomatic team, based on several floors in the Patterson Office Tower.

So, at about 2 p.m., it is game on.


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