Las Vegas police fire on second group of gunmen leaving Bellagio

Police and SWAT gunfire have hit at least some of the members of what appears to be a coordinated “kill team” that began a rampage on the top floors of the Las Vegas Bellagio hotel, shooting everyone in their path as the tourists, VIPs, performers, and celebrity chefs in town for restaurant week fled down staircases because elevators were inoperable due to fires on the first four to six floors of the resort. Two massive blasts, which some are saying may be coordinated bombings, shook the Bellagio from two different angles at 1 p.m. and 1:01 p.m. respectively. At the main entrance the twisted remains of a vehicle can be seen, but there is no confirmation from Homeland Security, the Las Vegas police, county officials, the mayor or the U.S. Department of Defense  or the Nevada governor’s office about what actually may have transpired.

The Bellagio passed its last building inspection with flying colors just last month, following the massive upgrade and construction for improvements.

Streets in Vegas are flooded from the destruction of Bellagio’s signature fountain.


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