Gunmen moving through upper floors of Bellagio

More gunmen have been reported at the Bellagio casino, on the upper floors, which house the elite and VIP clubs and super suites.  Las Vegas and county officials have declared a state of emergency but there is no information from the scene from official sources. Twitter and FB reports indicate that the hotel is apparently under siege, that explosions that appear to have come from two separate vehicles (one at the Las Vegas Blvd entrance, one at the Flamingo Ave. entrance) and now apparently two kill teams, one entering from a secondary Las Vegas boulevard entrance, not as originally reported, Flamingo Ave. and one from the top floors of the tower, moving through the building shooting semi-automatic and large caliber weapons.

Homeland Security said it was unaware of the attacks. Las Vegas’ mayor is on the way to the scene. Police and fire sound overwhelmed on scanner traffic, with one dispatcher grimly stating: “Vegas and county coroner, all personnel, repeat, all personnel to stations.”

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