76 bodies found in Ciudad Juarez

In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 76 beheaded bodies were found Friday, most of them women.

The bodies were uniformly beheaded and abandoned in the yard of an elementary school across the street from the Juarez courthouse.

Juarez is located more than 1,350 miles (2,100 kilometers) from Acapulco, where suspected drug gang-related attacks occurred hours earlier. It is located about 730 miles from Las Vegas. U.S. officials do not yet know who might be behind the Las Vegas attacks.

Juarez is a border city across the Rio Grande river from El Paso, Texas.

The South Border Governors Conference said the crime is part of recent violence that has plagued Juarez in recent years. It is not believed that the crime is related to the attacks in Las Vegas and Acapulco.

“In light of today’s horrific attacks in Acapulco and Las Vegas, we implore the Mexican police to continue to prioritize the safety and security of Mexican citizens in the border region,” the conference said in a release.

The release went on to say:

Our sincere condolences rest with those affected by the attacks in Acapulco and Las Vegas, as we certainly empathize with the terror they are experiencing. We hope that these extreme events will not overshadow the years of violence that have plagued our citizens for the better part of a decade.


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