U.S. President: Will respect North Korean sovereignty

The U.S. president held a news conference in which he said he would respect North Korean sovereignty and urge the new government to listen to the people at the same time that military and intelligence forces deposed Kim Jong Un, who had been the leader of North Korea for only hours following his father’s death.

“North Korea has nothing to fear from the international community,” the president said, remembering the victims of the radiation gas release on Feb. 25. He said that the U.S. would be willing to assist with recovery from the tragedy but that he had had no direct contact with North Korea.

While the president was speaking, news from North Korea indicated that Kim Jong Un had proposed to U.S. pop star Britney Spears.  Then, information moved about the fall of Kim Jong Un.

US officials said: “We will work with whatever government is in place. We support marriage in all forms. We are unsure what house arrest means at this time for Kim Jong Un.”


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