Putz, Koch, Courtney to lead North Korea

North Korea announced a three-person leadership group following the brief rule of Kim Jong Un, who is now under house arrest.

According to  a news release from North Korea “shortly before 11 pm on March 3rd, Kim Jung-Un was deposed by a group of elite government officials who disagreed with the direction in which he was steering the country.”

The news release went on: The government will be directed by a triumvirate of General Putz, Interior Minister Koch, and Foreign Minister Courtney.

They said: “We wish to reassure the international community that this transition will be smooth. We are amenable to more cooperation with our neighbors to the betterment of our peoples. At this point in time the military is directing greater distribution of food and welcomes further donations. We are willing to phase in a reduction of limits on internal movements, depending on the security situation, and are also reviewing political prisoners for eventual release. We wish to move our country forward in a positive direction. With this in mind we ask our neighbors to draw down their forces as a sign of good will toward the North Korean people.”

North Korea, still suffering food shortages,  was asking for increased food donations as late as Feb. 22, before the devastating nuclear radiation release on Feb. 25 that precipitated a watershed of events in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea said “We are currently in negotiations with the new regime and hope that together we can forge a strategic partnership.”

The leaders of North Korea, about whom very little is known, said “We are now willing to meet with other countries and discuss the future of our proud nation.”



One comment

  1. Patterson Simulation The Onion · February 26, 2011

    This is unacceptable to the PRC. troops will be amassed per day until the DMZ returns to the normal level and the new ruling class is suspended

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