Patileaks: Stealth document provider emerges

As nations around the world scramble to learn more about the ominous radioactive gas release in North Korea, and stakeholders meet to raise and lower military preparedness levels, a stealth document provider has emerged on Twitter.

“Patileaks,” apparently styled after the “Wikileaks” phenomenon, has published a few shocking tweets, but none more concerning than the information, unconfirmed, that the closure of the borders makes it impossible for an ailing Kim Jong Il to get his medications.

Kim Jong Il has been known to be in frail health and has been pushing his third son as his successor.

The “Dear Leader,” as he is known in his country, has not been seen since before the Feb. 25 disaster. However, today, as 5,000 were said to be protesting in the North Korean capital, he issued a statement of condolence for the people “struggling with the devastation of the Yongbyon disaster.”

The  Patileaks feed features a silhouette of a Sherlock Holmes-type figure.


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