North Korea firing on South Korean island

North Korea has begun firing on the Yongbyon islands  of South Korea, according to the United States press secretary. He said the U.S. views the action as proactive and asks both sides to “show restraint.”

The U.S. is committed to its allies in Japan and South Korea. “We also have an open offer to North Korea if they need assistance, medical or otherwise,” the U.S. press secretary said.

The U.S. press secretary said the U.S. urges North Korea to stop firing. Also, the U.S. asks that South Korea restrain from mobilizing troops against North Korea, as this action could make the situation worse. “We hold no animosity toward North Korea, but we realize the situation is volatile and dangerous.”

Currently there are no casualties, and the U.S. views this as a “symbolic act.”  The White House does not anticipate the situation getting worse.


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