30,000 take to square in N. Korea, fires visible by satellite

According to a source that may have contacts in North Korea, n unprecedented crowd has taken to the Kim Sung Il Square to protest, carrying anti-Chinese and anti- South Korea signs.

The crowd was estimated at 30,000 before the announcement of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Now, the fires being lit by the crowds to stay warm are so bright that they are visible by satellite.

The Korean peninsula has been shaken by tension after tension since the Feb. 25 release of radioactive gas from a nuclear power plant.  The Six Party group is currently meeting to discuss current and future strategy.

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader’s son, has taken his father’s place in the top role of the country.

NKI is reporting that Kim Jong Un has reached out to American pop star Britney Spears  with a proposal of marriage.


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