U.S. officials investigating North Korean gas leak

A “substantial amount” of radioactive gas is reported to have been released at the nuclear facility at Yongbyon earlier today. Debris has also been identified.

Just after 2 p.m. EST, the U.S. State Department released the following statement:

We are working constantly to determine the intensity and source of the gas, and to determine if it poses a threat to US Troops stationed along the DMZ. Will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available to us. Thank you.

At 2:30 p.m. EST, the Director of U.S. Central Intelligence released the following statement:

The United States is aware of reports of a radioactive gas leak from the reactor at Yongbyon. We are monitoring the situation closely, but at this time we do not believe that American troops are in danger (taking into account wind patterns, distance, and the currently measurable levels of radioactivity). We are also ready to provide what assistance North Korea might require of us. As soon as we receive more information, we will let you know.


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