ROK Recalls All Defense Personnel On Leave

The Ministry of Defense for the ROK recalls all defense personnel on leave

ROK Ministry of Defense has released a statement issuing a recall of all Defense Personnel on pass or leave within the borders of South Korea, in the attempt to strengthen available military defenses or humanitarian operations.

The statement cites “the instability in North Korea caused by the recent events at the Yongbyon reactor site” as having “increased the threat of attacks on our nation.”  The intent of the recall, according to the Ministry of Defense, is to “increase the readiness,” of forces, “in the face of North Korean instability.”

The recall is only for those on leave within the country’s borders, ordering all those outside to remain where they are.

Stating that it believes the chance of attack on South Korean soil has increased as a result of the events at the Yongbyon reactor site.  This site marked the initial site for North Korea’s attempts at enriching uranium since the 1950’s.

The Bush Administration, in 2008, oversaw an agreement with North Korea to shut down the reactor, an event that ended with the cooling tower being blown up.

At noon Seoul time, reports were released which stated a radioactive gas was being emitted at the site.  South Korean officials were quick to deny any involvement in the incident, which was a result of saboteurs that were later caught attempting to cross the border.

The radioactive cloud has now been confirmed as hovering in the Pacific Ocean.



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