Japan, South Korea tell residents to stay inside because of radiation

Japanese and South Korean officials have advised residents to stay inside. Japan has told all residents of the Honshu, or the mainland, to stay indoors because of elevated levels of radiation.  Japanese self-defense forces have been mobilized to assist people in case radiation levels rise any higher.  News releases from Japan have said there may be future danger of increased risk for lung cancer from exposure.

The government of South Korea says that while radiation levels are well below lethal, they still pose a health risk. The government has told South Koreans to stay indoors with closed windows and to use bottled water.  According to the press secretary for South Korea’s government, John Foster, the South Korean government has protocols to deal with negative effects of radiation.

The South Korean government, it said, in the release, had previously developed a  means to inoculate people against radiation and in the release, said that people in areas that have been most affected will receive the treatment first.



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