Prepping for Patterson School Sim 2011: Feb. 25-26

This site will be the INN platform for University of Kentucky student multimedia, broadcast and public affairs journalists to report on the simulated events that will be part of the annual Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce Simulation.

Graduate students in diplomacy will play the roles of six nations and a variety of NGOs as they confront a simulated international crisis situation posed to them by their professors. Undergraduate students in the College of Communications and Information Studies will, with their professor supervisors, operate a 24-hour real-time newsroom on three separate platforms.

At noon on Friday, simulators will begin the exercise, with with news wires rolling. The Patterson School students will work on teams representing six countries: the United States, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China and Russia. Both groups will react to an evolving situation, with the multimedia students running three newsrooms out of the Grehan Building and the diplomats running their country sites from the Patterson Office Tower, where news conferences, meetings and summits will be held.

The INN platform, here, simulates a Western-style, broadcast and multimedia site styled along some of the more popular objective cable news networks.

The NKI platform, simulates a state-operated information source, similar to those produced in countries with restricted press freedom.

The CN platform, simulates the style of reporting that might be found in a publication like China Daily, an English-language outlet situated in Shanghai, China.


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