Update: Americans Attacked in Iraq

American authorities say the attacks on American forces in Iraq Friday night “suggest a sophisticated level of tactics and orchestration.”

In all, four U.S. soldiers were killed and nine wounded. There were no American nor Iraqi civilian deaths. Also, no Coalition Forces were targeted.

In a written statement, American authorities described the four attacks.

The first attack involved an American military convoy moving between the Green Zone and the Baghdad Airport. The convoy was attacked by an IED, then ambushed by insurgents.Two US soldiers were killed and four wounded.

In the second attack, Forward Operation Base (FOB) Falcon came under a sustained mortar attack, killing one soldier and injuring two.

In the third attack, no one was injured. A truck bomb was intercepted just short of the red line at Al Asad airbase.

In the fourth attack, a n American patrol in Sadr City came under sustained small arms
fire. One soldier was killed and three injured.

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