Top religious leader in Iran issues statement to country

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, addressing the nation of Iran, has issued this statement:

Remember God, Iran has gone through a lot since the revolution. Any of the obstacles we have faced could have put us in turmoil. Even from our neighbors. Allah o Akbar.

Our great country has suffered unprecedented injustices and hostilities in the past 24 hours. The Zionist regime has invaded our lands and targeted the faithful sons and daughters of the Islamic Revolution. Remember: the Islamic Revolution opened a window to liberty for the human race, which was trapped in the dead ends of materialism.

We are a peaceful nation. Everybody knows that the Islamic Republic is for peace and brotherhood among all Islamic states in the world. We are no threat whatsoever to the world and the world knows it… We will never start a war. We have no intention of going to war, but we will defend the sacred sovereignty of the Islamic Republic.

Now is a time for us to come together. It is a time to join arms under the name and legacy of the Islamic Revolution in a common fight, a common defense. We must strengthen our united front against those who would threaten our great country.

Allah o Akbar


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