Shi’a Cleric condems Israeli attack, yet calls for restraint

Highest ranking Shi'a Cleric in Iraq

The Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the highest-ranking Shi’a cleric in Iraq, has released a statement to his fellow Iraqi citizens. al-Sistani says that “the reprehensible actions of the Zionist regime in their attack on Iran is an affront to the entire Muslim ummah.”

Al-Sistani says that all faithful Muslims are united in condemning attacks in Iran. This “sympathy,” he says, should not motivate further actions that would “cause further loss of life or sectarian tension.” al-Sistani reminded the Iraqi people of the importance for “orderly elections” that are being held on March 7.

The White House stated it believes that Shi’a militias were responsible for the four deadly concentrated and organized attacks against U.S. soldiers in Iraq today.


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