Russian Diplomat: US in Bi-Lateral Talks with Iran

A Russian Diplomat has told the International News Network that a high-level United States source has confirmed to Russia that they have entered bi-lateral talks with Iran to end this crisis.

Russian official leaves Ministry of Defense in Moscow

The Russians say that this act is “unusual” and “catastrophic” due to the U.S. not having any relations at all with Iran.

Russia says that the U.S. is “alienating the population” of Israel and thinks that it is a “bold move” by the Americans.

The United States would not confirm they have engaged in talks with Iran, but also did not deny the act. The Russian Diplomat would not say who the high-level American source was.

Russia would not say on the record that this action by Americans will lead them to reaching out a hand to Israel, but also did not shy away from that being a distinct possibility.

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  1. КГБ · February 27, 2010

    У нас есть ядерное оружие

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