Israel confirms U.S. shot down plane, works toward ceasefire

Secondary Israeli officials held a news conference early this morning to confirm that the United States, Israel’s ally since the formation of the Jewish State following World War II, today shot down a fighter plane piloted by Joel Harlembach,24, an Israeli military captain.

Events that began with a bombing of Iranian nuclear sites by 100 Israeli fighter jets at 12:23 p.m. Friday resulted in the contamination of wide swaths of Iran, the death of what is said to be thousands if Iranians, a rupture in the relationship between Russian and Iranian governments, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, an apparent wide fissure between the U.S. and Israel and radioactive fallout wafting over Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Italy and Ukraine.

“Each extension of an open hand by Israel has been rejected,” the Israeli spokesman said. Even “The U.S. did not display its full faith in what we hoped would be a substantial agreement,” he said.

Questioned about the precise levels of radiation unleashed across Iraq and other areas of the world by the act of bombing nuclear sites, the spokesman said, “We have received conflicting reports regarding the specifics as per our first strike.” The spokesman said that Israel has signed a ceasefire with Iran brokered by the Saudis, which has not yet been by the Iranians.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been out of touch during the entire crisis and  has not made a statement or had any apparent public role in the worldwide crisis.

She is scheduled to begin a 5-country Latin American tour on Monday, beginning with the inauguration of the  president of Uraguay. There is no word on whether she will continue with her plan to visit Chile, which was hit by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake at 3:34 a.m. local time and has reported at least 64 deaths.

” We were saddened at the avenue that was taken by the U.S.,” the spokesman said.

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