Israel confirms new attacks from Hezbollah, Hamas: US calls again for ceasefire

Israeli officials have confirmed there are new attacks on Israel at this hour from Hezbollah and Hamas. Those attacks were also confirmed by a senior U.S. State Department official.  Israeli officials also confirmed the attacks and said, “We will protect our homeland.”

U.S. officials have condemned the attacks, saying that they, though conducted by third parties, are linked to Iran and strongly requested that the Islamic nation, which was bombed at noon Friday by 100 Israeli fighter jets, work with the groups to advance a ceasefire.

Israel said it is conducting retaliatory measures against Hamas and Hezbollah to protect the homeland. “ We stand by the Jewish people and will not stand for terrorist aggression,” an official said.

The U.S., in a news release, condemned the attacks and commented extensively on the diplomatic progress of talks, calling again for a ceasefire.

“Our government feels that negotiations with Israel were being done in good faith and moving along toward a formal agreement.  Iran has not proven as forthcoming.  With these attacks, there is significant concern that the previous long hours’ diplomatic logrolling has merely provided cover for Iran to support and organize their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas against the state of Israel.”

Israel is paying an unfair price for seeking peace, while Iran has faced no threat of attack.  The United States must now inexorably link the attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel with the conduct of Iran.

“The peace process cannot proceed until these attacks are discontinued,” the statement continued.

“We urge Iran, for the sake of stability throughout the Middle East, to impress upon their proxies in Lebanon and Palestine the negative impact they are having upon a prospective cease-fire.”

Gulf News Network reports that the Hezbollah attacks seem to be in the area of Haifa while those by Hamas are focused on Ashdod and the Jewish areas of Jerusalem.


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