Iran describes celebrations in the streets in support against Israel

By Marcus Davis

After the bombings of Iran by Israel Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said in a statement that the action has united their country. “Since the bombings, Iranians have stood together, united, and demonstrated their support for Iran.”

Iran claimed that Israel has pretended to be the victim and are in fact the aggressors in this situation. They feel that their retaliation against Israel is justified and should not be prevented. “Our missile response against the Zionist Regime caused even louder praise and support from Iranians and Muslims throughout the region.”

After Israel bombed several sites in Iran. Iran sent bombs to several sites in Israel. However US deflector missiles fired from within Iraq shot some of those down.

Iran says it has support from other countries in their efforts to resist the “Zionist threat.” No information has been revealed as exactly who these countries are. Iranian officials also said, “We have confirmed casualties in the thousands at locations including Natanz, Qom, Arak and Isfahan. Scenes are horrific in many places, with women and children suffering from the Zionist bombs and radiation injuries.”


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