Iranians “need to be completely smashed” – Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has come out in strong support of Israel’s airstrikes on Iranian nuclear sites.

Cheney’s comments came after an Israeli press conference at which Iranian reports of the airstrikes were confirmed.

“The Iranians are evil and need to be completely smashed”, Cheney said at a press conference held shortly after Israel’s confirmation of the strikes.

Cheney said he would support a full-scale ground invasion of the country to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons technology.

Cheney, who only two days ago was released from hospital after a heart attack, said that the “news from Iran made me feel a lot better”.

The former Vice President further said that were he in a better state of health, he would join in a ground invasion.

He hoped the current American administration would “support our Israeli allies”, and accused the administration of being “wussy” to this point in dealing with Iran.

Recently, the Iranian administration has been facing mounting internal political pressure. The opposition ‘green’ movement has been gaining momentum in the wake of last year’s presidential elections, which are widely believed to have been rigged in favor of incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But Cheney said that there was no potential for peaceful regime change in Iran.

The former Vice President said engaging the Iranians in diplomacy was futile because of their policy of Taqulid.

Mr Cheney said this equated to a policy of “when confronted by an enemy, lie.”

Al Jazeera this morning reported that airstrikes had been directed against population centers, rather than nuclear sites.

In response, Cheney said “of course [the Iranians] would say that, since they built all their sites in population centers.”

Cheney predicted that a Russian response would be to “blather and not to do anything.”

He said that the attacks would be damaging to Chinese economic interests in the areas attacked.

By Tom Shearman


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