BREAKING: Curtis Rodgers executed

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Curtis Rodgers has died.

Rodgers, a former World Health Organization worker, was being held in Syria on charges of terrorism.

The United States attempted diplomacy and said that the Syrian government did not show proof from Rodgers’ trial and said they are “very disappointed.”

The WHO is “shocked and saddened” to hear about his (2)-1

Dutch company grabs patent, leaves Syria after leaving Turkey, offers “fair market price”

UMC, the Dutch research firm that has been at the center of the regional epidemic controversy in the Middle East has applied for a patent for the disease and its vaccine, offering access to countries at a “fair market price.”

The group brought into Turkey to research a flu-like illness that was killing people in Turkish refugee camps on the Syrian border. After it conducted some research and refused to share the results with the Turkish government, Turkey said that it had expelled the for-profit entity, which quickly aligned itself with Syria and gained access to Syrian patients of the disease.

“We have patented the rights to the vaccine of the disease according to international standards and are glad to sell the rights to use the vaccine to affected citizens,” UMC said in a release. 

Now, UMC, with its patent filed, is denouncing Syria and leaving that country.

“We would also like to announce our immediate and complete withdrawal from Syrian territory.  The alliance between the UMC and the Syrian government was based solely on scientific research and thanks to our discovery this alliance holds no further purpose.  Frankly, we find the sadistic pleasure with which the Assad regime ruthlessly murders his own people utterly deplorable and support the international community’s effort for regime transition Syria.” 

“That being said, we are officially an apolitical organization and are willing to sell the rights to use the vaccine to any government in the region, provided they are willing to pay full market price.
Turkey has filed charges against the personnel of UMC who were in the country and against lead scientist Isimran Kauer for theft of Turkish property. 
But UMC seems to be holding the region hostage as the sickness continues to spread.

“Given the governments’ and the international community’s stated commitment to mitigate the suffering of the infected, we have little doubt they will come to UMC and find ways to pays for the full cost of treatmentincluding the research and development the UMC has been so graciously willing to provide.”
Calls to the AMA, IRB of the HHS about potential violations of the research on human subjects protocols and the impact of a suspension of a U.S. incorporation or vending permit on the stock price of UMC were not immediately returned.

World Health Organization says there is no evidence of biological weopons

The WHO confirmed that there is no evidence of biological weopons. They have done several air quality tests and they came back negative. The United Medical Center confirmed that world class researchers have determined the cause of the illness: A/Syria/2014 (H1N1).

UMC has applied to the EU Patent Convention and Patent Cooperation for the patent and says it seeks full market price for the information that that might lead to a vaccine against the disease that officials think has been killing refugees. The UMC is now leaving Syria and they were shocked by the ruthless murder of people in Syria.

This comes at a tense time in which WHO chief of mission Curtis Rogers was just found guilty of bioterrorism and is sentenced to death.

BREAKING: Curtis Rodgers sentenced to death in Syria

Syria has confirmed that Curtis Rodgers has been convicted of terrorism and has been sentenced to death.

Rodgers will be executed within 24 hours, according to the Syrian government.

Questions have been raised as to whether or not the United States or the World Health Organization will intervene.

In a statement, the United States government said that they “do not recognize the Syrian government’s claim that Mr. Curtis Rogers is a terrorist. Moreover, the U.S. government has not seen any convincing evidence in support of these allegations.”

The United States also said that they have reached out to the Syrian government in the hopes that they would show restraint.

“The World Health Organization is internationally recognized to be a neutral health care provider,” a United States press release said. “The precedent being set here foreshadows a future in which the international community will be unable to address emerging health crises out of fear for the lives of personnel responsible for these tasks.”

It is still unclear what action will be taken. The United States said that they have contacted the Syrian government but “no initiatives have been established yet.”

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CIA fails to retrieve corpses of dead Mossad agents

The Syrian Government announced on Saturday that it has led a successful counter-strike against Mossad agents to the south of Damascus.
“Syrian military successfully conducted a counter strike operation against six CIA Mossad agents that had attempted to infiltrate our country south of Damascus,” said a representative of the Syrian government in a breaking announcement to INN. “The operatives were all identified as either American or Israeli, and their mission was focused on retrieving dead Mossad bodies.”
Two dead Mossad bodies were found at the border south of Damascus.
Syria has said that it “strongly condemns” the violation of Syrian sovereignty and “will be pursuing recourse via the United Nations and other means.”
The Syrian government says this is “further proof of the profinity of our western enemies.”

Flu-Like Illness is said to be Under Control in Israel

Israel officials say that a flu like illness is in the country, but they are currently unsure exactly what kind of strand it is. It is likely expected to be H1N1,after UMC officials announced today that they are trying to patent this stand.  Israel says that they are not sure exactly how many people have contracted the illness, but they are currently vaccinating adults and children within the country. The illness is “Under Control” according to officials, and is very well contained.

Curtis Rodgers displeased with United States, World Health Organization

In an exclusive interview with INN, Curtis Rodgers announced his displeasure with the United States and the World Health Organization.
Rodgers said that he knows the CIA and Israel failed to retrieve the bodies of two dead Mossad agents from within Syria.
“I know that and I’m not happy about it.  That dead bodies would be privileged over alive people,” said Rogers in a statement to INN.
 He would like more effort to be focused on his release and is unhappy with the initiative (or lack thereof) of the United States and the WHO.
“I’m unhappy about the American government and my organization, the WHO and their lack of initiative to come and negotiate my release,” said Rodgers, who is still in Syrian custody.
 He is currently being held by the Syrian government on charges of terrorism.
“He’s not a prisoner of war, he’s been arrested on charges of terrorism,” a Syrian spokesperson said.
Syria had no comment on the status of his trial.
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